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Awarded movies at Tribeca 2011, best movies

Independent films made in completely different places than the big Hollywood studios, closer or farther away from the realm of American cinema, conquered New York. Tribeca Film Festival has chosen laborious, and the life stories of teenagers in Scandinavia have been successful.

"She Monkeys / Apflickorna in Sweden and" Turn Me On, Goddammit / Fa pa meg, for faena "in Norwegian public outline to the jury and the Tribeca Festival in New York today's teenage world. "The actors in these films are about the same age as their characters, what happens in most American teen films (...). There is also a devotion to the truth of the characters of "Turn Me On" and "She Monkeys" and the two teenage protagonists director presents a collage of perfect innocence and desire oddity about to be born. American films tend to be adolescents or oversaturated with unrealistic sexual sophistication, either with a pure naive, terribly idealized. Both fall far from reality, "commented Daniel Walber in an article published by Tribeca Festival.

"She Monkeys" movie "She Monkeys" directed by Lisa Aschan won the grand prize at Tribeca for Best Film. From what transpires in the descriptions of those who saw the movie, "She Monkeys" offers a kind of "Fight Club" feminine. Emma, ​​the main character, Cassandra, and build their friendship on the basis of physical and mental challenges and initiate a game with strict rules. Emma will do anything to master the rules, but the limits are surpassed, and the stakes grow ever greater. Despite the danger, Emma can not refrain from the need to lie that he has total control. The film was praised by the jury to determine how the balance between risk and innocence.

"She Monkeys" This year's jury was composed of Souleymane Cisse, Scott Glenn, David Gordon Green, Rula Jebreal, Art Linson, Jason Sudeikis and Dianne Wiest. Filmmaker Lisa Aschan received for the film "She Monkey" and the art award "Anna Christie", worth $ 25,000, a distinction initiated by Robert De Niro Sr., father of actor painter. Tribeca Grand prize was awarded to Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro, two of the founders of the festival held annually in New York.

"Turn Me On, God Damme Award for best screenplay was taken Jannicke Systad Jabobsen for" Turn Me On, Goddammit / Fa pa meg, for faena. Norwegian film deals in a frank, realistic and devoid of exaggeration vulgar sexuality of girls. The film is based on the novel "Turn Me On" written by Olaug Nilssen, which is about Alma (played in developing the new movie on the big screen, Helene Bergsholm). Alma is a fairly common girl, that has an overactive imagination, excess hormones and frustrations with the exaggeration that it feels, but also a caring mother, an old neighbor and friend inquisitive and mischievous.

"Turn Me On God Damme Alma prefer instead to spend time planning when to have sex before graduating high school, to imagine how it feels to have sex and to use the voice and the kindness of a telephone operator. After an awkward meeting with Arthur lightning and failed, the boy who likes Alma reached an outcast in high school. Is the first narrative feature film made by Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, a filmmaker with an important career in documentary films. Brings her experience in "Turn Me On" dry humor and a melancholy suitable adolescents are eager to grow, although they do not know what to do in life.

"Bombay Beach" This year's Tribeca Festival, the tenth edition of the award for Best Documentary film "Bombay Beach. The town of Bombay Beach California State is where he placed the action director Alma Grace. The documentary "Bombay Beach" is about remaining relics from the city's explosive growth in the 1960s, in an area very strange and erratic in terms of environment and ecology concepts. The film proposes meeting with an eclectic group of subjects - a girl of seven years with bipolar disorder or a morose poet, past 80 years.

"Grey Matter" Award for Best Actor was won by Ramadhan "Shami" Bizimana, the protagonist of the drama "Grey Matter / matière Grise." This is the first feature film produced in Rwanda for a filmmaker born and still living in the African country faced a long civil war escalated into genocide. "Grey Matter" is a semi-biographical story Kivu Ruhorahoza director and is about a young filmmaker struggling to make a film in Rwanda, but receives no funding from anywhere. The government would prefer to give money to some warnings about HIV infection. Hence "Grey Matter" is a fanciful version of the movie he wants to do character tells the story of a young filmmaker and a boy and his sister, left alone after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

"Matière Grise" The girl is taken by a state institution that cares for people in need. There is also a man who has lost his mind because of the atrocities they did during the genocide. Between the girl, a victim of genocide, and man - the murderer, but the differences tend to fade. "Grey Matter" also won the Jury Special Mention at the Tribeca Best director narrative.

Carice van Houten in "Black Butterflies" Dutch actress Carice van Houten actress won the Tribeca Film Festival with the title role in "Black Butterflies." The film is a disturbing portrait of the famous writer Ingrid Jonker. "This interpretation is complicated by a million shades. We offered this award for courage and fragility and that showed an incredible wealth of emotions and inner strength throughout the film, "commented jury prize at the Tribeca gave actress Carice van Houten. Ingrid Jonker was a South African poet who wrote poems in the six years since the African. Her work has been translated worldwide, so it came to the poet-symbol status of South Africa. Jonker was known for her suicide, only 32, by drowning in the ocean.

"Black Butterflies" film "Black Butterflies" is directed by Paula van der Oest, Oscar nominee, who admits that the poet is a difficult character. Ingrid Jonker was a sensitive person, free-spirited daughter of a component of the Government of South Africa who claimed racial segregation. Throughout life, she tried to get father's approval and love. He said at the news that his daughter committed suicide in the ocean: "From my side, you can discarded." In 1994, when Parliament was inaugurated in South Africa, Nelson Mandela read a poem by Ingrid Jonker.

"Journals of Musan" Award for Best Director of a Feature was won by Park Jungbum, writer-director of the South Korean film "Journals of Musan / Musan Il-gi." This film follows the life of a fugitive from North Korea, struggling to adapt to life in capitalist society in South Korea. Musan is often discriminated against when they apply for any decent job or you're trying to make friends at church. The film won the FIPRESCI prize at last year's edition 15th Busan International Film Festival and a prize at the Festival of Marrakech, Morocco, and in February won the Tiger Trophy at the 40th Rotterdam Film Festival.

"Artificial Paradises" Luisa Tillinger won the Tribeca 2011 award for Best Picture, the movie "Artificial Paradises / Paraisos Artificiales", directed by Yulene Olaizola. The main character in the film, another Luisa, is a young woman, which is struggling with heroin addiction. She's the quiet căutaere and a board withdrawn owners on the coast of Veracruz, Mexico. One of the locals, Salomon, a man of 50 years, becomes his friend, because he discovers that they have much in common. Those two are like lonely, separated by several generations and social status, and what are the binds visits "artificial paradises" that people feel the need to build them using drugs. But film is a true paradise, a beautiful corner of the world.

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