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Priest Movie, Priest Trailer 2011

The action in "Priest" takes placed in a different world from that which we all know. Religion adopt a new policy. The entire planet itself after centuries of wars between humans and vampires, two races that is now struggling for survival. A warrior priest back behind the church and the law required it to go vampire hunting. He goes in search of his niece who was kidnapped by a horde of vampires,

Bridesmaids Movie, Bridesmaids Trailer 2011

When her best friend named Lillian announces that an engaged and asks her to be her maid of honor at the wedding, Annie gladly accept the proposal to be involved in organizing the Good News of the bride lives, without thinking the multitude of costly rituals that involved such a duty. Unhappy in love, bankrupt and devoid of pretensions, Annie realizes that its existence is now chaotic and far from perfect, which is why meeting in Lillian's wedding as an opportunity to put their thoughts in order, but endless list of events that have to plan as a bridesmaid discourages, even more as rich and extravagant snoaba Helen competes with it to ingratiate itself to become the bride and her dealing with the concluding wedding. Exasperated by an army of other bridesmaid named Megan, Rita, and Becca, who is increasingly behaving in bizarre, Annie decides to show everyone how far he is willing to go to please a loved one.

The Beaver Movie, The Beaver Trailer 2011

The Beaver Movie, The Beaver Trailer 2011

Walter Black is the manager of a toy manufacturing company located near bankruptcy, he is married to Meredith and has two sons named Henry Porter, but professional and family problems led him to enter into a severe depression that fails to beat even by psychiatrists. Fed up with seeing her husband autodistrugandu up, kick him in the house Meredith and Walter feels so desperate that wants to get drunk and suicidal.To find out how the story ends watch online

Dylan Dog Dead of Night Movie, Dylan Dog Dead of Night Movie Trailer 2011

Dylan Dog Dead of Night Movie, Dylan Dog Dead of Night Movie Trailer 2011

This movie is based on the best-selling comic book series Dylan Dog, created by Tiziano Sclavi.
To find out how the story ends watch Dylan Dog Dead of Night online.

Scream 4 Movie, Scream 4 Trailer 2011, Scream 4 Youtube

Scream 4 Movie, Scream 4 Trailer 2011, Scream 4 Youtube

It's been 10 years since masked serial killer nicknamed Ghostface has not attacked any victim in Woodsboro town and since Sidney Prescott left his hometown to forget the horrors occurring in his eyes, and to heal emotional traumas. Meanwhile, Gale Weathers journalist sheriff Dewey Riley married and has authored six books, but now suffers from an acute lack of inspiration and is bored with domestic duties and quiet and boring life in Woodsboro, greedy for an event that can be out of the state of numbness. To find out how the story ends watch Scream 4 online.

Your Highness Movie, Your Highness Trailer 2011, Your Highness Youtube

Your Highness Movie, Your Highness Trailer 2011, Your Highness Youtube'

Thadeous is an indolent and arrogant prince, who has spent a lifetime smoking marijuana, consuming alcohol and having love affairs with women of loose morals, being jealous of his older brother named Fabious, a brave and honest knight, which is heir to the throne and who every day demonstrate the supremacy of battling dragons and other mythical creatures and saving virgins from death. When Belladonna, Fabious's virgin bride is kidnapped by the evil wizard Leezar, Thadeous youngest king ordered him to help his brother on a mission to rescue the princess and to accompany him on this journey full of dangers that could result in destruction Their kingdom if not successful, threatening to disown him if it is not the right path. Along the way, meet Thadeous and Fabious a Warrior Princess Isabel, the younger brother who falls in love with and who offers to help without them confess that drives real reason to get involved in their rescue mission.

Soul Surfer Movie, Soul Surfer Trailer 2011, Soul Surfer Youtube

Soul Surfer Movie, Soul Surfer Trailer 2011, Soul Surfer Youtube

Based on the memoirs "Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board", a biopic that is at the heart of Bethany Hamilton, a talented teenager who practice surfing, participate in national competitions with the best friend Alana Blanchard and his dreams to become champion at this aquatic sport. After being attacked by a shark and doctors are forced to amputate his left arm to save his life, Bethany feels his future is definitely compromised, it will not ever find the glory of sport that he wanted and that there is no reason to live. She has the opportunity to visit the area devastated by the tsunami in Thailand in 2004, Bethany realizes that his physical and emotional suffering is not greater than that of victims of natural disasters or similar accidents and this aims to devote life to help others. Morally supported by her parents Cheri and Tom Hamilton, but also by friends and colleagues, the teenager has the courage to rule on the crest of the waves turn the surfboard and compete against its feared rivals Malina Birch.

Arthur, Arthur 2011, Arthur Youtube Trailer 2011

Romantic comedy remake of the same title in 1981, the film "Arthur" has in the center of action on an alcoholic playboy and party, which has no clear purpose in life and who loses as time wasting no family fortune. The only person that irresponsibility and Arthur Bach flusturaticul truly loves her and whose advice to follow is nanny Hobson, who was like a mother figure for him and who always gave more affection than his biological mother Vivienne. To inherit huge family fortune, Arthur is forced to marry Susan Johnson, a rich girl from high society, his parents considered it appropriate to bring them the right way to be superficial, but it does not feel no attraction. Arthur will be finding comfort in the thought that Susan to marry if they want to continue living in extravagant luxury that is customary, however, even near the wedding arranged by prospective grooms parents, poor woman falls for a working-class that his family would never accept it as a daughter and is forced to choose between wealth and love.

Insidious Youtube Trailer, Insidious 2011

Insidious, Insidious Trailer, Insidious 2011,

Insidious shows a normal life, happy family, until they suffer an accident and their son into a coma. Parents choose their son home to be patient and not in a hospital and is now the real excitement begins when the film. To believe initially that their house is haunted, the boy's parents realize that things are not so simple as they seem now to be sure that evil spirits have to not rob him on their land, called The Further.

Incendies - Incendies Movie Trailer

French and Arabic-language drama is about two twins traveling in the Middle East to find out which tree it is and to find family roots. Canadian film is based on a screenplay by Wajdi Mouawad, played by actors Lubna Azabal, Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin, Maxim Gaudette and Remy Girard. Canada has proposed to the Foreign Language Film Oscar for "Incendies" by Denis Villeneuve,

Queen Of Play - Queen Of Play Movie Trailer 2011

Queen Of Play - Queen Of Play Movie Trailer

Helene is housekeeper at a luxury hotel in Corsica and lead an ordinary existence, marked by financial problems, conflicts with his rebellious daughter and emotional dissatisfaction caused by the insensitivity of her husband Ange. When you capture a couple of lovers who are on vacation in the middle of a game of chess on the hotel balcony, she is fascinated by the unknown game and decides to turn to learn to play, which is why buy a board with squares and related parts and he lures her husband to be her partner race. Because Ange does not share his passion for chess, he convinces Dr. Helene retired U.S. Kroger become his mentor and to teach to play and managed in a short time to amaze him with her ​​innate talent and you win. Rediscovering himself through this new obsession, Helene enrolled in a local chess tournament and initiating major changes in her life.

Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen Movie Trailer

Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen - Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen Movie Trailer

Seven years after he was apparently killed by a gun bullet, Chen Zhen, who finds out who was responsible for the death of his master, returns to Shanghai in the identity of a mysterious warrior with cape. Is befriended by a local mafia boss, Chen is planning its infiltration into criminal groups, with the final intention to liquidate all those involved in the murder that sent him into exile.

The Bang Bang Club 2011 - The Bang Bang Club Movie Trailer 2011

The Bang Bang Club - The Bang Bang Club Movie Trailer.

In the last days of fight that ended the period of racial segregation (apartheid) South Africa in a group of professional photojournalists risking their lives to violence to show the world that the country is going. Drama "The Bang Bang Club" is based on real experiences they have gone through four of the finest contemporary war photographers.

Ryan Phillippe plays Greg Marinovich, a white South African born in 1962, which won the Pulitzer Prize for photography. He spent 18 years to make documentary photography and war around the globe. Marinovich is co-author of the non-fiction book "The Bang Bang Club" about the South African transition to democracy, the book is based movie released in theaters this year. "The Bang Bang Club" directed by Steven Silver was premiered in 2010 at the International Film Festival in Toronto.

Actress Malin Akerman's Robin Comley, a photo editor and consultant from South Africa, who worked independently. Comley is co-authored the book "Women on Women: 50 years of photography taken by women in South Africa."

Actor Taylor Kitsch Kevin Carter portrays it, a white photographer born in Johannesburg, South Africa, became a member of the Bang-Bang Club, formed during apartheid between 1990 and 1994. Kevin Carter was the first photojournalist who photographed an execution of the "necklace" in which a tire filled with petrol is placed around the chest and hands and the victim and set alight. Victim takes her 20 minutes to die and suffer terrible burns during this time. Carter told that he was disgusted by the executive and that he photographed it, but eventually felt that what was important was because people reacted to those images. Kevin Carter was awarded the Pulitzer in 1994 for a picture of the emaciated Sudanese girl with a vulture. The photographer was very disturbed by all the murders and executions that he had seen and photographed and committed suicide 33 years.

Actor Patrick Lyster is James Natchwey, American war photographer, born in 1948, which was five times awarded the medal for his photographs Robert Capa. The documentary "War Photographer / Photographer war" launched in 2001 directed by Christian Frei, on Nachtwey's work has received the Oscar for Best Documentary.

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Water For Elephants 2011 - Water For Elephants Movie Trailer 2011

Water For Elephants - Water For Elephants Movie Trailer

Young Jakob Jankovski is devasted that his parents both die in an accident, even a week before he was to give the final examination of the faculty of veterinary medicine. The impact threw him into an adventure that will change your life forever. While trying to flee with his new condition, he accidentally threw a train belonging to a circus which gave performances in America. It is during the Great Depression of the '30s, and jobs are extremely scarce.

At the circus he met Marlena and August Rosenbluth. He is director of the circus and animal trainer and his wife participate in the show with a number of horses trained. Jacob will receive the veterinary service, which will bring the family entourage Rosenbluth, discovering August's cruelty to animals, but also to people. Marlena and Jacob breaks between intense love, especially since it is very dangerous.

Midget clown befriends Jacob and Kinko old Camel, which helps him get work at the circus. Young people will discover that the circus is full of dangers and rivalry, and people here have their place well established. Will play a decisive role in the story elephant Rosie.

Hoodwinked Too Hood VS Evil 2011- Hoodwinked Too Hood VS Evil Movie Trailer 2011

Hoodwinked Too Hood VS Evil - Hoodwinked Too Hood VS Evil Movie Trailer.

Little Red Riding Hood is part of the sister group training in the woods. She is convened, with Wolf, to examine the bizarre case: the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Hansel and Gretel Brothers.

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams 2011 - Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Movie Trailer 2011

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams - Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Movie Trailer

Chauvet Pont d'Arc cave in southern France contains what is thought to be the oldest series of drawings and cave paintings in the world. The cave is located in the Ard├Ęche valley and it was discovered only in 1994. Counting over 400 murals, about 30,000 years old paintings. Because paintings are depicting symbols and animals, they are extremely sensitive to changes of humidity, the cave is not open to the public. Even scientists have closely monitored and limited access.

The idea of allowing a filmmaker to enter the cave, for the symbolic sum of one euro to make a movie was recently discussed. Wener Herzog was chosen man, and he did not disappoint us. The use of minimum of light and a special hand-held camera, Herzog manages not only to film, but even to bring to life images on cave walls and corridors.

Earthwork 2011 - Earthwork Movie Trailer 2011

Earthwork 2011 - Earthwork Movie Trailer 2011

It's about an artist Stan Herd that travels from his town 'Kansas' to Manhattan to create a symbol of art, the biggest artwork on the land of Donald Trump. This work is made of stones, rocks, soil, plants and vegetation, while a crew helps him. Stan deals with some difficulties when he makes his artwork that he wanted to be rural and it finally became an urban one. Finally he realised what this artwork means for him and the ultimate rewards came one by one.

Rubber Movie 2011 - Rubber Movie Trailer

Rubber Movie 2011 - Rubber Movie Trailer

Rubber film in a group of tourists who were handed the binoculars to watch bizarre events that are happening right under their eyes and they have a starring vehicle rubber named Robert, who came to life and has found that the telekinetic abilities can be used in destructive purposes.

Movies out 2011 - Movies Coming Out April 2011 - April 2011 Movies List - Upcoming Movies April 2011 - April 2011 Movie Releases

I've made a list with the most wanted movies 2011 to watch in cinema in April 2011. Next month gather all your friends and go to the cinema. These movies definetly worth to be watched by everyone.

Sympathy for Delicious - Sympathy for Delicious Movie Trailer.
Rubber - Rubber Movie Trailer.
Waiting for Superman - Waiting for Superman Movie Trailer.
Earthwork - Earthwork Movie Trailer.
Dead of Night - Dead of Night Movie Trailer.
The Last Godfather - The Last Godfather Movie Trailer.
Cave Of Forgotten Dreams - Cave Of Forgotten Dreams Movie Trailer.
Prom - Prom Movie Trailer.
Hoodwinked Too Hood VS Evil - Hoodwinked Too Hood VS Evil Movie Trailer.
Fast Five - Fast Five Movie Trailer.
Water For Elephants - Water For Elephants Movie Trailer.
Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family - Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family Movie Trailer.
The Bang Bang Club - The Bang Bang Club Movie Trailer.
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold - The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Movie Trailer.
Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen - Legend Of The Fist The Return Of Chen Zhen Movie Trailer.
The Princess Of Montpensier - The Princess Of Montpensier Movie Trailer.
Queen Of Play - Queen Of Play Movie Trailer.
Intent - Intent Movie Trailer.
Incendies - Incendies Movie Trailer.
African Cats - African Cats Movie Trailer.
Apollo 18 - Apollo 18 Movie Trailer.
Trust - Trust Movie Trailer.
Scream 4 - Scream 4 Movie Trailer.
Decisions - Decisions Movie Trailer.
Theyre Out Of The Business - Theyre Out Of The Business Movie Trailer.
Meeks Cutoff - Meeks Cutoff Movie Trailer.
Miss January - Miss January Movie Trailer.
The Conspirator - The Conspirator Movie Trailer.
Rio - Rio Movie Trailer.
Atlas Shrugged - Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer.
Henrys Crime - Henrys Crime Movie Trailer.
Hanna - Hanna Movie Trailer.
Born To Be Wild - Born To Be Wild Movie Trailer.
Ceremony - Ceremony Movie Trailer.
Soul Surfer - Soul Surfer Movie Trailer.
Your Highness - Your Highness Movie Trailer.
Arthur Christmas - Arthur Christmas Movie Trailer.
Your Highness - Your Highness Movie Trailer.
Trust - Trust Movie Trailer.
Soul Surfer - Soul Surfer Movie Trailer.
The Princess Of Montpensier - The Princess Of Montpensier Movie Trailer.
Our Lady Of Victory - Our Lady Of Victory Movie Trailer.
Source Code - Source Code Movie Trailer.
Waiting for Superman - Waiting for Superman Movie Trailer.
Dam 999 - Dam 999 Movie Trailer.
In A Better World - In A Better World Movie Trailer.
Further - Further Movie Trailer.
Exit Through the Gift Shop - Exit Through the Gift Shop Movie Trailer.
The Edge - The Edge Movie Trailer.
A Little Help - A Little Help Movie Trailer.
Last Night - Last Night Movie Trailer.

The most beautiful faces in the world

While I was passing through some great videos from youtube, I found this one, that inspired me to write something about it. I wonder what software those guys used to create this wonderful video:

Look what those guys said about the making of the video:

"The original photos were prepared (ie. cropped, colour/contrast adjusted, backgrounds removed, etc.) using Adobe Photoshop®, then the actual morphing was done with Fantamorph Pro®"

If you are able to create this kind of video and if you wanna post it here, just leave a comment and I'll contact you as soon as possible. See ya!

The most beautiful eyes of the world

I've created a list of gorgeous eyes and the most expressive look in the world. In the first place I've chosen the hindi actress' eyes "Aishwarya Rai", She participate on the comercial of L'oreal beauty products.

The second place goes to Angelina Jolie, that it is known for her cat eyes and her beautiful lips.

Lynda Carter takes the third place for her sparkled blue eyes. But what we know about her is that she played as a superhero Wonder Woman.

Elizabeth Taylor is famous for her violet eyes. The Cleopatra role made her popularity grow widely.

Next beautiful eyes belong to Audrey Hepburn:

Sharbat Gula has so expresive light eyes that were chosen for National Geographic magazin cover.

Kristin Kreuk has those sexy eyes:

Sophia Lauren has the biggest light brown eyes :

Charlize Theron's got great eyes and she also won the Oscar for the Best Performance in the Monster movie.