Friday, March 18, 2011

HOW TO: Apply False Eyelashes and natural makeup Tutorial

Once you are done with makeup application can pass the most spectacular stage makeup: fake eyelashes.

First, match the length of false eyelashes to adjust them if they are too long.

False eyelashes must run on your finger than to better mold to the shape of the eyelid.

Using a glue stick to apply the false eyelash. Eyelashes stripe requires a larger amount than individual adeviz.

Sit with tweezers just above the natural eyelashes and start the application process.

Since the extremities of the eyelids are more likely to fall, insist on their application with a stick. A few minutes at each end are enough to put the false eyelashes.

After you have finished applying false eyelashes makeup do not forget to finish with mascara. False eyelashes mascara is ideal to end your makeup.

A black eye liner is required to mask the joint line of artificial eyelashes.

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