Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Queen Of Play - Queen Of Play Movie Trailer 2011

Queen Of Play - Queen Of Play Movie Trailer

Helene is housekeeper at a luxury hotel in Corsica and lead an ordinary existence, marked by financial problems, conflicts with his rebellious daughter and emotional dissatisfaction caused by the insensitivity of her husband Ange. When you capture a couple of lovers who are on vacation in the middle of a game of chess on the hotel balcony, she is fascinated by the unknown game and decides to turn to learn to play, which is why buy a board with squares and related parts and he lures her husband to be her partner race. Because Ange does not share his passion for chess, he convinces Dr. Helene retired U.S. Kroger become his mentor and to teach to play and managed in a short time to amaze him with her ​​innate talent and you win. Rediscovering himself through this new obsession, Helene enrolled in a local chess tournament and initiating major changes in her life.

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