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The Bang Bang Club 2011 - The Bang Bang Club Movie Trailer 2011

The Bang Bang Club - The Bang Bang Club Movie Trailer.

In the last days of fight that ended the period of racial segregation (apartheid) South Africa in a group of professional photojournalists risking their lives to violence to show the world that the country is going. Drama "The Bang Bang Club" is based on real experiences they have gone through four of the finest contemporary war photographers.

Ryan Phillippe plays Greg Marinovich, a white South African born in 1962, which won the Pulitzer Prize for photography. He spent 18 years to make documentary photography and war around the globe. Marinovich is co-author of the non-fiction book "The Bang Bang Club" about the South African transition to democracy, the book is based movie released in theaters this year. "The Bang Bang Club" directed by Steven Silver was premiered in 2010 at the International Film Festival in Toronto.

Actress Malin Akerman's Robin Comley, a photo editor and consultant from South Africa, who worked independently. Comley is co-authored the book "Women on Women: 50 years of photography taken by women in South Africa."

Actor Taylor Kitsch Kevin Carter portrays it, a white photographer born in Johannesburg, South Africa, became a member of the Bang-Bang Club, formed during apartheid between 1990 and 1994. Kevin Carter was the first photojournalist who photographed an execution of the "necklace" in which a tire filled with petrol is placed around the chest and hands and the victim and set alight. Victim takes her 20 minutes to die and suffer terrible burns during this time. Carter told that he was disgusted by the executive and that he photographed it, but eventually felt that what was important was because people reacted to those images. Kevin Carter was awarded the Pulitzer in 1994 for a picture of the emaciated Sudanese girl with a vulture. The photographer was very disturbed by all the murders and executions that he had seen and photographed and committed suicide 33 years.

Actor Patrick Lyster is James Natchwey, American war photographer, born in 1948, which was five times awarded the medal for his photographs Robert Capa. The documentary "War Photographer / Photographer war" launched in 2001 directed by Christian Frei, on Nachtwey's work has received the Oscar for Best Documentary.

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