Friday, March 18, 2011

Youthful Beauty - How to look younger!

1. Choose the right colors
It is important to know what colors suit your skin, because otherwise, you risk not emphasize your qualities. So, if you have a pale skin, you should put a Make-up in shades of pink or very light piece. If on the contrary, your skin is olive, cream and beige shades suit you perfectly.

2. Test cosmetics
Test any new makeup products, preferably before you buy it, but definitely before you go out in public. Color palette is so diverse that it is extremely easy to pick a wrong color for your skin. Therefore it is good you try any makeup before you go out, especially when you try the foundation.

3. Use a lip exfoliator
Nude lips are a must in natural makeup. For a grape-colored or beige shades is enough to get the natural look, your lips must be in a perfect condition. So buy a lip exfoliant so that your lips will look fresh and younger. Make sure at least once a week to apply scrubb on your lips and rub slowly, and then use a moisturizing grape.

4. Use concealer stick
Foundation offers general coverage. If you want to hide your dark circles and skin imperfections, a concealer should not miss. Apply it with a special brush for a perfect appearance.

5. Forget about the makeup, mascara is enough
A natural look is a simple makeup, without makeup colors to highlight your eyes. Apply foundation, a liner for your eyelids and eyelashes with mascara volume.

6. Prepare your skin
For a Natural makeup use a little shadow, so your skin should be flawless. Make it a habit to apply common cleaning masks,this way you will hydrate and invigorate your skin. Do not forget the daily make-up removal and proper hydration.

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