Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arthur, Arthur 2011, Arthur Youtube Trailer 2011

Romantic comedy remake of the same title in 1981, the film "Arthur" has in the center of action on an alcoholic playboy and party, which has no clear purpose in life and who loses as time wasting no family fortune. The only person that irresponsibility and Arthur Bach flusturaticul truly loves her and whose advice to follow is nanny Hobson, who was like a mother figure for him and who always gave more affection than his biological mother Vivienne. To inherit huge family fortune, Arthur is forced to marry Susan Johnson, a rich girl from high society, his parents considered it appropriate to bring them the right way to be superficial, but it does not feel no attraction. Arthur will be finding comfort in the thought that Susan to marry if they want to continue living in extravagant luxury that is customary, however, even near the wedding arranged by prospective grooms parents, poor woman falls for a working-class that his family would never accept it as a daughter and is forced to choose between wealth and love.

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