Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your Highness Movie, Your Highness Trailer 2011, Your Highness Youtube

Your Highness Movie, Your Highness Trailer 2011, Your Highness Youtube'

Thadeous is an indolent and arrogant prince, who has spent a lifetime smoking marijuana, consuming alcohol and having love affairs with women of loose morals, being jealous of his older brother named Fabious, a brave and honest knight, which is heir to the throne and who every day demonstrate the supremacy of battling dragons and other mythical creatures and saving virgins from death. When Belladonna, Fabious's virgin bride is kidnapped by the evil wizard Leezar, Thadeous youngest king ordered him to help his brother on a mission to rescue the princess and to accompany him on this journey full of dangers that could result in destruction Their kingdom if not successful, threatening to disown him if it is not the right path. Along the way, meet Thadeous and Fabious a Warrior Princess Isabel, the younger brother who falls in love with and who offers to help without them confess that drives real reason to get involved in their rescue mission.

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