Thursday, March 10, 2011

Youtube Keyword Tool

Hey, guys! It seems that youtube has this keyword tool, anyway it's pretty hidden, so it took me a while to find it. We notice the same classical options of Adwords Keyword tool, and unexpectedly you can find keywords after a video link and after demographic dates; if we think of those millions of users, this option is pretty interesting and groundbreaking.

Well, I've played a little with keyword tool and I embeded some keywords and as far as I know, youtube is directed to entertaiment area. This is why music, movies, artists, actors and anything that deals with showbiz are in great request of many youtube users. I'm not shooked by this discovery but I expected to a diversity of keywords and I could not find such thing.

In spite of all this, it's worth to try a seo campaign on youtube with few keywords. Youtube is a traffic source, pretty, damn, great! But I think it has a lower grade than Google Search. I wonder one thing: What if there is a top keyword search per every country or estate? What keyword would gain the first place!

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