Monday, March 14, 2011

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Really Breaking Up?

Are Brad and Angie breaking up or are they walking down the isle? That's the question and I am breaking down the answer right here!

Hey guys, Well it seems that one day doesn't go by to wonder what's happening with Brad and Angelina. They are by far the most famous celebrity couple, right now. And with they constantly growing group of kidlets and they are photographed on their daily bases and truly it is always told they look fashionable and happy. This is a tabloid for the bestsold magazines. And it is told that in the baskstages Brad and Angelina are having serious problems. According to the magazines Brad is sick and tired of Angelina's selifish behaviour and the two had a fight around Valentine's Day and Brad stormed out their New Jersey house and moved out. He told her that he can't just live with her anymore. Brad apparently flew to the 17 millions dollars mansion from Paris to check up for renovations, but sources are speculated that he just needed some time to recover himself after the previous fight. And if the pair has serious problems what do they look always so happy? Is it for the fact that they are great actors and they know how to turn it on the cameras? Now it is heard that Angelina offerd to Brad 19 million dollars for the custody of the children. Brad thought this was a joke and it was up polled by the offer.What is great is we know the fact that they are actually breaking up and it isn't a rumour. It's reality! So what are you guys think? If they are on the rock: do you think Brangelina should stick it out for their kids? Leave a comment and let me know about your opinion.

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