Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 10 things you should know about youtube

I offer you top 10 things you should know about the giant youtube:

1. Without PayPal, Youtube wouldn't be, what it is right now.

In 2005, Youtube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. The three youtube founders have worked hursh to build the website Pay Pal. Actually, Hurley was the one that designed Pay Pal website, after he read one magazine article about the online payment companies.
If it hadn't been for Pay Pal, Youtube wouldn't ever be founded by anyone.

2. Youtube origin: dating site

The three founders didn't come with this concept from the first moment. Legend says that youtube was born as video dating site that was called "Tune In Hook Up". One day they've decided to change the destiny of this website and they turned it into a website about the most uninspired outfits of Janet Jackson ( this was Karim's idea) and Hurley and Chen solved the problem of uploading videos on Youtube.

3. Youtube caused problems to Utube domain name has been registered in 2005 on Valentine's Day. However, this caused a great misunderstanding to Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment to be located in Perrysburg, Ohio. was accessed by individuals who have tried to write the site name phonetically. The company sued Youtube utube saying that their business was damaged by the video site, but the charges were dismissed. Currently utube changed direction, business website being moved to the

4. The first video on YouTube

The first video uploaded on YouTube is not a classic co-founder Jawed Karim, the San Diego Zoo, behind which there is an elephant. On April 23, 2005 reached 4,282,497 video views.

5. The first "RickRoll"

First appearance of "rickroll" site YouTube, a viral concept which involved sending a wrong link intended to mislead a user, dates from 2007.

Initially, the link led to the song "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley, hence the term "rickroll".

6.Youtube's April jokes

In the last three years, YouTube has tricked users by April 1 each year.

The first was a classic joke, every video on the site was actually a bad link.

In 2009, YouTube's site turned upside down, while in 2010 the site has video in text.

We look forward to see what Youtube had prepared for 2011.

7. Some amazing statistics on Youtube

In February 2011, YouTube has registered 490 million unique users per month around the world who have earned 92 billion page views every month.

According to statistics approximately 2.9 billion people spend hours on Youtube in a month, over 325,000 years.

Statistics are valid only for YouTube, they do not include video or embed the viewer on smartphones.

8. YouTube social media statistics

Social-media statistics are equally impressive.

YouTube says that, on average, there were approximately 400 per minute tweets containing a link to YouTube.

To achieve the number of hits made ​​up one day, YouTube would need 150 years.

9. Most viewed videos

Without considering music videos, most viewed video of all time is "Charlie bit my finger" with 282,151,886 hits.

In terms of music videos, most viewed Beiber is Justin with his "Baby", which registered 466 million hits and is growing.

10. Easter Egg in Youtube: Play Snake

An Easter Egg on YouTube allows you to play Snake in the video window.

The clip above you can see a demo, but it is easy to play if you want to try

To access it is enough to click on a link from YouTube and put it on pause before playback begins.

Then, hold the left directional key on the keyboard until the worm is on the player screen. Pressing the same key result in starting a new game.

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