Monday, July 4, 2011

Lejaby lingerie line restarts and swimwear Christian Lacroix

The new collection of lenjerie intima lejaby:

Soon it will come again Christian Lacroix swimsuits. Lejaby is one that restarts the license for spring-summer season 2012.

This line has not been exploited in early 2009, when put into liquidation by the previous license, SIL, International Society of linen.

Christian Lacroix fashion house, whose activities are limited today to manage licenses, signed an agreement with Lejaby.

Besides its brands, Lejaby, Rasurel and Sun & Blue, French society affiliated with the Austrian group is already licensed Palmers line lingerie and swimwear Nina Ricci.

Online promotions began for women and men lingerie. Some items are low priced and do not need to invest too much in something nice, pleasant and sexy. Do not miss the sales!

Shop online lingerie Lejaby that makes you feel extravagant and romantic and indulges your senses.

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  1. Lenjerie Lejaby o marca de valoare in Canada si Franta


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